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Strength:  20 mins to find max load:

1 Deadlift

WOD:  At 50% of 1RM Deadlift complete for time:

21 Deadlifts
800M Run
15 Deadlifts
500M Row
9 Deadlifts
30 Burpees


Let’s get one thing straight!!!  Your back…

A lot of time has passed since we have tested a 1RM Deadlift .  We have done a lot of skill and strength work since then and by now you should have a much better idea of what it means to be upright.  With that said, the coaching staff would love to see how strong you have gotten since you started, but only if done correctly.  What this specifically means is that if your 1RM Deadlift looks even remotely close to this, IT WILL NOT COUNT!  This is being done only to encourage proper form today.  I do not care to see you committing to a 500 lb. Deadlift if your back is going to look like rainbow.

In case you did not understand the WOD, you are going to use 50% of your heaviest proper Deadlift as your load for the workout.  If you did 400 lbs. on your Deadlift, the workout will be done at 200 lbs.  Also, please note that each portion of this workout should be considered a sprint.  I understand that all of the parts combined are pretty taxing, but I also don’t care (as long as you have good form).

Something awesome,





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